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Every session is unique because every person is at their own level of development and working on different issues in their life.  Here are some reactions from clients after waking from a session:

Teri-“I would like to just stay here.  I feel great!  I feel light!”

Leah-“I remember everything, some of it I didn’t realize and some of it I did.  My neck feels good, it doesn’t hurt.  I would recommend this to everyone!”

Joann-“Why am I crying?  What did I say?  Wow! I remember bits and pieces.  Did I tell you about my Mom, a lot about her, that I miss her?”

Eva-“I still feel the frequency in my spine, crazy really, like I feel buzzing energy along my back.  I remember all of it.”

Arienne-I remember everything, I was a bird!  I had huge eggs next to me and then I was flying!”

Gwen-“Oh my goodness!  I remember some things, my body feels really good!”

100% money back guarantee if you are not able to be hypnotized.