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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions by appointment in Russell, Pennsylvania

You can heal your body, explore your subconscious mind, and connect to spirit with QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

The human body is a miraculous machine, and it has been programmed to heal itself.  QHHT Hypnosis is a safe and drug free way to enable healing to happen, naturally.  During your four hour session, we will begin by sitting down and just talking so that I can get to know you and what you hope to gain from the session.  What questions do you want answered?  What physical problems do you want relief from?  After a short break, you will totally relax on a comfortable bed in the office and the hypnosis session will begin.

Using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, with simple and relaxing visualizations, we will reach the Theta phase of trance and you will be regressed to the most appropriate time and place to find the information that is important for you to have in your life now.  You may go to a past life, to an earlier time in this life, or you may go to the other side between lives.  I am the guide on your journey of self discovery and we will go wherever YOU need to go.

While you are under hypnosis, I will ask to speak with your subconscious, or your higher self, also known as the Source energy focused through the body of you.  Your subconscious mind has recorded every moment you have ever lived, in this lifetime and any other lifetime you have ever lived.  It also has the power to look inside your physical body to see exactly what is going on.  By learning what caused the problem in the first place, we can release it and heal the body, if it is appropriate to do so.

The entire hypnosis portion of the session will be recorded and saved on a flash drive for you to take home and watch over and over again.  Each time you watch the video, you will pick up more useful information and reaffirm the relief of symptoms that has taken place.

Information gained through our collective subconscious can help us all progress to a higher vibration, for the sake of the Earth, for humanity, and for all other life forms on this planet.  For the greatest and highest good for all concerned.

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Susan Morrison, RN, Level 2 QHHT Practitioner

E-mail for more information or to schedule a QHHT session:
Call or text:  (814) 490-3563
Local contact (8140 757-7075
Home office location:
Allegheny Natural Hypnosis
81 Creek Rd
Russell, PA 16345

$150 includes the interview, hypnosis session, and a video recording of the session on 16 GB flash drive to watch again and again to receive the full benefit of your journey of self discovery.  The total time of the session is around 4 hours. If you are not able to be hypnotized, there is no charge.